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Overwhelmed with your life?

The ADHD Enclave is a private membership community created by Liz Lewis. 

Together, we are going to build a vibrant, engaging community for each of us to find our path to a calmer, more satisfying life as a woman with ADHD

ADHD Women are burned out

  • Social media has overtaken our lives and become the top source of information about mental health and ADHD
  • We are searching for information and support but the volume of information is just too much
  • The quality of the information we find is questionable
  • Sorting through the conflicting information is time consuming and frustrating
  • There is little clear guidance or support for women trying to manage ADHD day-to-day
  • The gap between the "ADHD Experts" and those of us living with the diagnosis is wide

The Enclave advocates a new way of learning and living with ADHD. A calm, focused, and community-based approach.

ADHD community


In the Enclave, I sort through all of the ADHD information and research and hand-pick only the best for our members. 

I find the highest-quality resources and collect them in one easy and convenient place.  

Current topics include:

  • ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Mental/Emotional Health
  • Relationships
  • Career/Work
  • Parenting For/With ADHD
  • ADHD at Home
  • Healthy Body, Mind, & Spirit
  • Creative Space


Finding quality treatment and support for ADHD requires a multi-modal approach. 

Medical, psychological, coaching, and social support are all necessary.

Not every psychiatrist or therapist, "gets" ADHD. And even if you find one you might wait months for an appointment.

What if you are uninsured or your coverage for mental health isn't great?

Coaching is an option - but an experienced, ICF/ ADDCA certified coach will cost roughly $100/hour.

Getting support for ADHD is expensive, frustrating, and time consuming for many.

I want to be the bridge between the experts and all of you. Lets grow together.


We've all posted on Facebook, or Reddit, or some other place asking for help.  

We are human, we want connection.  

BUT - Have you ever taken any meaningful action after spending time in a 20k person group?  

I know I haven't.  

The ADHD Enclave has a feed - where you can post and interact with other members.  

No privacy issues. 

No advertising. 

Not only that, we meet LIVE on Zoom as well. We actually see each other four times per week.  

That my friends, is a community of support. 

We don't tolerate mean-spirited comments or ADHD deniers.

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Healthy ADHD

Hi, I'm Liz. 

Host of the See in ADHD Podcast, A Dose of Healthy Distraction website, and founder of the Enclave.

Over the past four years I've made it my goal to take the best information about ADHD and make it understandable and actionable for the women living with it.

In the process I've had the opportunity to learn from some of the top experts and researchers.

The ADHD Enclave was developed based on the countless emails and messages I've received from women all over the world who are frustrated with the lack of accessible, genuine, and affordable ADHD support.

How the Enclave is Changing Lives

"Just a few benefits from a couple months of membership. You have a "tribe" and comeraderie. It's a little quieter than the big groups and if there aren't many others around you sometimes get Liz all to yourself!" - Michele

"I can say that I have been able to set up several routines and maintain them. My husband had a medical crisis and this group helped me to maintain my sanity. I post things in here I would never post in a big group. This is my tribe." -Patti  

"I think what you do in here is amazing. I mean this is going to blow up! I am so glad I found this group." -Julia

What's the plan?

The Enclave LIVE - Private group meets via zoom 3 times per week. 

  • Manic Monday - 8pm EST
  • Tuesday Body Doubles - 1pm EST
  • Thursday Happy Hour - 5pm EST
  • Plus all the benefits of Enclave Basic membership.

The Enclave Basic -

  • Access to private posting/messaging
  • ADHD content library
  • Security/privacy
  • Weekly exclusive content
  • Challenges/Expert Q&A/Other special events


What should I bring? Nothing but yourself. If you are joining our live meetings, you will receive the zoom link via email each week. 

I also post the link as a reminder in the feed.  

How do I sign up? Just click the button below. You will be redirected to create your account in the private site.

Do I get to try it out before I pay? Yes. Everyone gets 30 days free.

Other Questions? 

Email me at

Billing Info

I know this is what you really want to know. And I like to keep things simple.

Members of The Enclave LIVE are billed:

  • $50/month 
  • $240/6 months
  • $360/year

Members of the Enclave Basic are billed:

  • $19.99/month
  • $199.99/year


There are some questions that cannot be answered through a Google Search.

ADHD support group for women

And there are some conversations that you cannot have via anonymous posts.

Over half of the emails I get have the word HELP in the subject line. 

The world expects a lot from women, and many of us feel like we are drowning.

- Social media takes up our time, but leaves us feeling totally alone

- ADHD makes us susceptible to depression, anxiety, and self-comparison

- Mental health stigma abounds, and despite all the evidence ADHD is still a controversial diagnosis

- Quality information, treatment, and support is not attainable for many

- ADHD is not a one size fits all diagnosis, it's complicated and we need to share our stories in order to feel heard

In the Enlave we give you the space to learn, to grow at your own pace, and to connect with other women who identify with you.

  • No more lost hours scrolling or searching.
  • No more feeling alone.
  • No more wading through thousands of articles.
  • No more spending thousands of dollars for a couple months of support that ends.
  • No more judgement and shaming.

The ADHD Enclave is open for Enrollment

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